• The NCCER logo should not be used as a way to create the impression of a partnership, endorsement, or any other business affiliation between you and NCCER except as a partner, Accredited Training Sponsor or Accredited Assessment Center.
  • The NCCER logo may not be used on business cards without the explicit written permission of NCCER. The NCCER logo may not be used by Master Trainers, craft instructors or other individuals for self promotion.
  • The NCCER logo should not be modified in any manner. This includes but is not limited to, changing the proportion, color, or adding graphic elements.
  • Discontinued logos may not be used in any form or medium. See page 5 of the logo guidelines for more information on unacceptable logo variations.
  • When using the NCCER name as a design element, the acronym should never be spelled out as ‚ÄúNational Center for Construction Education and Research".

    To request the NCCER logo, visit: our logo page.. To view the logo guidelines, visit NCCER Logo Guidelines.