NCCER instructor resources are now available via the New IRC (Instructor Resource Center) provided by our Publisher, Pearson Education.
To procure an access code for the resources, you just need to contact one of your Pearson Education Directors (link and screenshot provided below):
There is a quick 3 minute New IRC video clip available here to review that may help (right hand side of the page):

..and a step-by-step guide to accessing the available resources:

The Instructor Resource Center (IRC) provides improved test security by offering a password protected website. It can only be accessed by an access code provided to instructors.

An access code is included with the purchase of an Instructor package, and gives instructors access to all levels of a craft. Access code cards can also be obtained for previously purchased Annotated Instructor Guides. Only institutions with a Pearson account will be able to order the IRC access code card.


  • Provides access to Module Exams and Answer Keys, Performance Profiles, and PPT presentation slides
  • Provides access to the most recent updates to tests and/or supplemental material

To access the site and get started, go to