Re-Certification Process
To re-certify, instructors must:

  • Successfully complete the Instructor Certification Training Program (ICTP) led by an NCCER Master Trainer and pass the required tests.
  • Complete the Registration & Release Form (if not already completed and on file).
  • Complete the Responsibilities & Liabilities Form (if not already complete and on file).

Master Trainer submits Registration of Curriculum Certifications in the Registry System.

Sponsor Representative must approve all submissions in the Registry System.

If an ATS associates an Instructor who was certified at another ATS, the Sponsor Representative is responsible for maintaining the appropriate documentation of qualifications, signed Registration & Release and Responsibilities & Liabilities Forms (unless completed electronically in the Registry System).

All documentation must be kept on file for a minimum of three years or until the ATS’s audit is cleared (whichever is longer).

ICTP training can be delivered both in-person and virtually. ICTP certification testing must be proctored and take place in the NCCER Testing System. If training is delivered virtually, please see the NCCER ATS Personnel Certification Virtual Training Guide that can be found at for the policies and procedures required for virtual training and testing.

NCCER ATS Personnel Certification Virtual Training Guide