Instructor Certification Maintenance Requirements

Instructors are certified for three years after completing the ICTP. In order to maintain certification, the Instructor must comply with the following:

  • Be associated with or employed by an ATS.
  • Teach and administer a module test as the Instructor of Record through the Testing System at least once every three years.
    • Upon Testing System submission to the Registry System, Instructor certification will renew for three years. Please note that the Instructor must be listed as Instructor of Record and must be certified for the test(s) being completed.

Instructors may also retake the NCCER Instructor Training Program (ICTP) at least once every 3 years.

These instructions are only applicable for those instructors proactively maintaining their certification before it expires. If an Instructor's certification expires, then they must fully complete the ICTP again to obtain an active instructor certification.