Upon completion of the NCCER Master Trainer Instructor Certification Training Program (MTICTP), certification is issued for a period of three (3) years.  In order to maintain certification, the Master Trainer must certify an individual using the Instructor Certification Training Program (ICTP). 


ICTP certifications include Craft Instructors, Performance Evaluators, and Curriculum Proctors. A Master Trainer can also conduct ICTP training with other Master Trainers to maintain certification. When working with another Master Trainer, all ICTP modules must be taught before submitting in the Registry System, but the Master Trainers can decide who teaches which module.


For any individual being administered ICTP training, they must first order a training material for the respective certification. Each individual will use this training material during the ICTP training session with the Master Trainer. Training materials can be ordered the NCCER Shop Site here: https://nccer.force.com/Merchandise/s/store#/store/browse/cat/a0zf400000JsolCAAR/tiles


Upon submission and processing of the Registration of Instructor/Performance Evaluator Certification, Master Trainer Certification will renew for three (3) years from the date of the last class taught.


Already Expired?

If a Master Trainer does not teach the ICTP before their certification expires OR they are unable to teach the ICTP, they will need to re-attend the Master Trainer Instructor Certification Training Program.  If the Master Trainer certification of the Sponsor Representative or Primary Administrator expires, the organizations accreditation may be suspended until they complete the class.

How to Register and Pay for Master Trainer Class