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1. Master Trainer must order appropriate training material from NCCER by visiting shop.nccer.org 

a. Master Trainer must ensure they have the most updated version of the Master Trainer or Curriculum Proctor training 


b. Master Trainer must ensure participants have the appropriate training materials (Craft Instructor Kit, Curriculum 

Performance Evaluator Guide, Curriculum Proctor Guide) 

c. Participant can order their own books from shop.nccer.org 

2. Participant to create and activate a Registry account. Click herefor how-to instructions
  • a. Participants must follow all steps to activate their account and receive an NCCER card number.
    • i. Doing so requires the participant to check the Registration & Release Form box.
    • ii. It is recommended that you require the participant also to check the Responsibility & Liabilities Form box.
    • iii. If this is done, a hard copy of these forms does not need to be collected from the participant.
    • iv. Participant must provide NCCER card number to the Master Trainer.
b. It is the Master Trainer’s responsibility to ensure that the Registration & Release and the Responsibility & Liabilities 
have been completed within the Registry if a hard copy is not collected. This is done via NCCER Online Verification.
3. Training is to be conducted via Zoom or a similar video conference platform.
  • a. Master Trainer must be able to see all screen participants simultaneously – grid view is recommended.
  • image.png
b. After each module has been taught; the Master Trainer is to conduct module testing through the NCCER Testing System, 
    utilizing the meeting platform to ensure a secure testing environment.
i. Utilize the proctor script to administer the test.
ii. Participants must remain on-screen during the testing process.

4. All tests must be taken within the Testing System. Paper testing is not allowed with virtual training

a. Tests are free of charge.

 b. Master Trainer must ensure they have the appropriate permissions within the Testing System to assign tests to the 


i. All Testing System permissions are automatically assigned to the Sponsor Representative, Secondary Representative or, 

   ATS Support role.

ii. Permissions (can proctor) must be set up under the appropriate training unit or ATEF where the master trainer is 

    administering tests.

c. Appropriate tests must be set up to assign and proctor in the Testing System.
 "How To" Setup and Launch Personnel Certification Tests and User Manual for Personnel Certification Exams.

i. NCCER has a series of short, task-based videos to guide you through each step. Click here to access these videos. 
You will need to click on “Watch Now,” as shown in the screenshot below.
5. Once training has been completed, the Master Trainer must certify the participant within the Registry system. 
Click here to access the how-to instructions on this process.


* The ICTP is a 24-hour curriculum. Even when the training is done virtually, it shouldn’t be rushed. 

   Trainees should get the same benefit from the class as if they were participating in person.

*  Whatever platform you choose to deliver the training, make sure that participants are familiar with it to be fully 

    engaged in the class.

* It is highly recommended to conduct a run-through to ensure all technology is working properly.