Finding the Core Level Test

Instructors can locate the Core Level Module Test located in the Testing System, under the Test Assignments section, and finally clicking on the Add Test button.


  • From the directory, find the Core Level Test under – Construction & Maintenance Series. Open the Core Curriculum folder, then locate the Core Level Test folder. Put a checkmark Checkmark with solid fillin the box to select the level test desired (with Rigging module or without Rigging module). Now, click assign. 


Locating the Performance Profile Download

Instructors can obtain Performance Profile Sheets for the Core Level Test from the NCCER Website (

  • From our homepage, hover your mouse over the Program Resources menu and then click Craft/Titles. Next, select Construction Essentials, then click on CORE. Scroll down to the section titled Course Planning Tools, and finally, click on Performance Profiles. Select the Core, Level Test. This will open a downloadable PDF document. Print the PDF for use.



Finding the Performance Profile Submission in the Testing System

Instructors can locate the Core Level Performance Profile located in the Testing System, under the Performance Profiles section. 


  • Select the Performance Profile Title (only module numbers ending in “LE”) from the drop-down menu. Tip - Type: Level Test in the Performance Profile Title search box. It will only provide the Core Level Test Performance Profiles in this list.