Hello NCCER Primary Administrators,

As you begin to prepare for your audit, below are some important items to keep in mind as it relates to your NCCER accreditation.

NCCER contacts the Primary Administrator to schedule all audits. Initial audits occur within 12 months of active use of the program after the organization is granted candidate status. Then, the organization is audited every three years thereafter.

All organizations, whether in candidate or accredited status, must have an internal written assessment policy on file (see 2020 AAC Guidelines section 1.2.1, page 11). That policy should address topics such as:

  • Evaluation of registered assessment sites (if applicable)
  • Evaluation of NCCER certified personnel
  • Retesting 
  • Safety policy for performance verification testing
  • Appeals process
  • Security of all assessment records
  • Cheating, etc.


In addition, the Accredited Assessment Center (AAC) must keep the following documentation on file:






  • Written audit documentation of authorized assessment site(s) if applicable. Sample checklist can be found here.

More information on the audit process can be found here on NCCER’s support site.




1)   Register all testing locations in NCCER Registry as Authorized Assessment Sites

2)   Use Assessment Platform resources (how to guides and task-based videos) to assist with navigating the system. Primary Administrator should ensure that certified personnel are using those resources as well, so they can efficiently aid them in managing the program.  

3)   Conduct mini audits of your program annually, to remain ready for NCCER’s triennial audits.

4)   Notify NCCER when leaving the organization.