To help instructors maintain their students’ NCCER records and assist their sponsor representative with managing the NCCER training program, below are helpful reminders surrounding recordkeeping requirements and maintaining NCCER certification as a Craft Instructor and/or Performance Evaluator.


Student records must include:

  • Registration & Release Form 
  • Graded written module exams
  • Performance profile sheets 

*Please note: If using NCCER’s Testing system, only the Registration & Release forms and the performance profile sheets will be kept on file.



  1. Teach out of the latest edition of the curriculum.
  2. Module exams and performance profile sheets must be from the same edition of the curriculum.
  3. Questions may not be added or removed from the module exams. That is strictly prohibited by NCCER Guidelines
  4. Maintain student records for a minimum of 3 years or until the next NCCER audit takes place.
  5. Student records and NCCER materials must be kept in a locked cabinet or scanned and kept electronically on a secured server.
  6. If retiring or leaving the training location, please notify your Sponsor Representative
  7. Reach out to your Sponsor Representative for any questions or concerns.
  8. Utilize NCCER’s support site ( for how-to articles and videos on how to navigate NCCER’s Registry and Testing systems.