If an accredited organization's name changes, it is the responsibility of the Sponsor Representative (for Accredited Training Sponsors) or the Primary Administrator (for Accredited Assessment Centers) to update their organization's profile in the NCCER Registry System. This is to ensure that correspondence, including credentials, is received in a timely manner. Additionally, this information is used for scheduling accreditation audits and to update the organization's name in the 'Find A Center' Directory on the NCCER website.

This guide is for updating an AAC or ATS organization's name only. If you need to update a TU or ATEF location's name in the Registry System, then please see this guide: https://nccer.freshdesk.com/a/solutions/articles/13000065643

Important Note: Accreditation is non-transferable from one organization to another. For organizational name changes, the ATS and/or AAC must provide an updated proof of business showing the organization's name has changed from the old to new name. Your organization's name will be updated to match exactly as it appears on this proof of business.

Please follow these step-by-step instructions in order to access the Registry System, change your organization's name, and submit the change to the NCCER Accreditation Department for review:

  1. Log in to the NCCER Registry System (https://registry.nccer.org).
  2. Select the ATS Sponsor Representative or AAC Primary Administrator role.
  3. Click the My Organization icon.
  4. Enter the new organization name (exactly as spelled on proof of business documentation).
  5. Click the Save button at the bottom right to submit your changes.

Once saved, your changes will automatically submit to NCCER and notify the Accreditation Department.  Please note that NCCER reviews organization name change submissions every 24 hours. The Accreditation Department will contact you to request a copy of the official business documentation and then provide the results of their review.

Please contact NCCER Customer Support at 1-888-622-3720 if you encounter an issue entering a change on your organization's profile, as there may be another change pending review that must be resolved first.