The below is a sample script that can be used by individuals proctoring module exams. The document covers need to know information for assisting students, instructors & proctors in navigating the testing process.


Welcome to today’s testing session. At this time, please visit the rest room and put everything that is not specifically authorized away from the testing area, including your textbook and other training materials.  This is a closed book test.  

Pre-Testing Instructions:

Please listen carefully and remain quiet.  No talking is allowed during the test session.  All communication with other test takers is prohibited.  

  • If you have any questions or problems navigating during testing, please raise your hand.
  • Once you have entered your test, if you click outside of the test (open a new tab, minimize your screen, open another program or application, etc.) your test will automatically pause.  I am only able to allow you to resume your test 1 time.  Be sure you are diligent in staying within the test.   If the system pauses your test more than once, I am required to terminate your test and you will not be able to complete that test or participate in any other testing today.

Any questions?

Testing Instructions:

Please follow along with me step by step and stop me if at any time you do not understand any part of this process. 

  • Please navigate to
    1. Select Test-Taker Login
    2. Select Login Now under MODULE TESTS (TRAINING)
  • You should see the Test Taker login screen.  Log in with your NCCER card number or AltID (i.e. SSN, State Issued School ID, etc) and last name. 
  • You will see a ‘Welcome’ screen with your name and card number shown. Click on the button with your name and card number to proceed. 
  • You should now see the test assigned to you. Let me know if you do not see a test title or if you see the wrong test title.  
  • Click the “Start” button.  
    1. IMPORTANT - If you see a “Resume” button for this test or the button is greyed out and cannot be clicked, please raise your hand and I will assist you.
  • I will now authorize you to begin your test. 
    1. Once your test is authorized, your screen will automatically refresh, allowing you to proceed.   
    2. The Release Statement and NCCER Retesting Policy will display.  Please read this carefully.  You must “Accept” the terms to proceed.
    3. There are 3 OPTIONAL demographic screens and 3 OPTIONAL sample questions before you get to the scored item section of your test.
    4. Once you enter the “scored items” section of your test, you are permitted to use the basic calculator built into the test tool bar.  Do NOT use the computer’s built-in calculator.   If you try to use the built-in calculator, the test will pause and must be resumed and re-authorized.
    5. When you reach the end of the test, you will have the opportunity to go back and review your answers before ending the testing session.  
    6. When you have completed your test and see your test score, you MUST click the “End Test” button (you may have to scroll down to see the “End Test” button), located at the bottom, right of the screen OR wait 8 seconds while the screen timer counts down to “0”.  Do NOT exit the browser.
    7. Once you have ended your test, please raise your hand. 

Post-Instructions: For proctor only.  These do NOT need to be read aloud.

[BEFORE allowing the Test Taker to leave the testing session, “Refresh” the proctor screen and confirm the Status is “Complete” and the Progress is “Finished”.  

Tip:  If the progress shows “Ending – item 0/0” OR ”Ending - Item 1/1”, the test taker did not click “End Test” or allow the timer to reach zero.  

IMPORTANT! If the test taker did not properly end their test, they must resume their test and have it ended properly or their score report cannot be generated and if the passed, their record will not transmit to the Registry.

Have them resume, you will need to re-authorize the test and then have them click “Proceed”

A pop-up window stating, “Time limit reached, this part of the test has ended.” will display, once they click “OK”, the test is finalized, and the score will be recorded.]