Required Proctor Script for all NCCER Assessment Sessions (effective August 10, 2020)

Proctor Instructionsprior to beginning the assessment session, the proctor must ensure:

  • Photo IDs have been checked for all assessment candidates
  • Candidates do not have any prohibited items
  • Devices are available and in good working order
  • The assessment area is setup per NCCER Accreditation Guidelines
  • Prohibited items and Anti-Cheating posters are posted
  • There are an appropriate number of approved reference materials available, if applicable
  • Provide scratch paper and pencil, if applicable

NOTE: information in italics does not need to be read aloud but is informational for the proctor and can be adjusted as appropriate for the organization/test taker.

Welcome to today’s NCCER assessment session.  Before we begin, I want to remind you that cell phones, notes, external resources (unless approved by NCCER) or electronic devices of any kind are not permitted during the testing session.   If you have any of these items in your possession, please let me know now so that we can appropriately store the items.  

It is also important that you do not work ahead of my instructions as there are steps and processes that must be followed.  If at any time during the following instructions you have a question, please raise your hand and I will be happy to assist you.

Please note that you are taking a timed test.  If your time runs out, your test will be automatically submitted and scored.  Once scored, the test cannot be re-opened.  I will assist you in watching the time, giving you time check reminders, as you proceed through your test.

Once in your test you will be able to go back and forth between test questions by using the Next page and Previous page options.  You may also flag a question.  A Test Navigation tool is displayed on the upper left side of your screen to provide efficiency in navigating your test.  

When you reach the last test question, you will have the option to Finish Attempt.  This will take you to the Summary of Attempt where you can see the status of each question.  If time permits, you will want to navigate back to any questions that are marked Not Yet Answered or are marked with a Flag.  You can either click on the question number in the Summary or in the Test Navigation tool to quickly navigate to the question.  

Once your test is submitted and scored you will immediately receive an overview of your assessment attempt.  This overview will provide you with the date of your assessment, your achieved score, the assessment cut score, a status of pass or training recommended and a breakdown of how you performed in each topic area of the assessment.  Once your test is submitted and scored, it cannot be re-opened.

Once you have completed your test, please raise your hand so that I can confirm the test was ended properly.  You may then exit the assessment platform by closing all your browser windows.  We will be providing a copy of your formal Score Report and Training Prescription… (insert your company procedure here for providing printed score reports and training prescriptions).  

Do you have any questions?

Please navigate to the test taker login (give instructions as appropriate for your testing location and device setup.  You can save as a bookmark, provide URL or create a shortcut on the device desktop. NOTE: NCCER has created a “how to” document for Test Taker Login that you can download from the NCCER website support page at Login with your username, which is the email address you have on file with NCCER, and your password (which is their NCCER Card # unless they have changed their password to something different).  If you do not know either of these values, please raise your hand and I will provide them to you. (Note to proctor: test taker card #s and email addresses are shown on your proctor console).

Once logged in, please complete the following steps:

  • Select Assessments from the navigation toolbar
  • Select Dashboard from the dropdown menu
  • Click Assigned Tests
  • Under Assigned Assessment & Practicals, select the test title that has been assigned to you
  • Read and Accept the NCCER Security Statement, which includes NCCER’s retest and cheating policies.  You must accept the security statement in order to proceed with your test.
  • Under the Assessment section, click on the Assessment Title
  • Click Request Access

I will now authorize you to start your test.  Once I have authorized you to begin your test, you will need to Refresh your screen and select Attempt Test Now and then select Start Attempt to start your test.  You have 5 minutes to start your test once it is authorized.  If you do not start your test within 5 minutes, it will have to be reauthorized.  You may begin your test now.

Proctor Instructionsduring testing the proctor will need to:

  • Walk around to ensure there is no cheating activity (opening additional browsers/tabs, looking at unapproved references/notes, making notes relative to assessment questions on scratch paper, etc).
  • Watching test taker progress and informing them as their time depletes (one hour left, 30 minutes left, 15 minutes left, 10 minutes left, 5 minutes left).  Test taker progress and time shows on the proctor console

Proctor Instructionspost-test the proctor should:

  • Navigate to NCCER’s Registry System and pull/print the test taker’s score reports and training prescriptions, providing a copy to each test taker.