NCCER has 2 options for training on the new assessment platform.  Although the system is very intuitive, NCCER has prepared training resources so that they are easily accessible to support our user network.  

Option 1: Assessment Platform Video Training Series

NCCER has developed a task-based video training series that provides a library of videos, under 5 minutes each is duration, allowing assessment personnel to access training as appropriate for the tasks they are conducting.  The video series covers topics from "Getting Started", to Assigning and Proctoring/Administering Assessments and Practical Exams to Retrieving and Printing candidate Score Reports & Training Prescriptions.  The video series can be located at - NCCER Assessment Platform Training Series

Option 2: Printable "How To" Documents and Resources

NCCER has developed a library of "how to" documents and other printable and searchable resources to support our user network in the use and navigation of the new Assessment Platform.  These "how to" documents provide step-by-step instructions including screen shots.  The additional resources provide information and guidance including how to "get started", sample assessments, invoicing, allowable testing resourced and assessment specification sheets.  Assessment Program Printable Resources