In order to ensure you have a smooth on-boarding process to begin using the assessment platform, NCCER highly recommends that all Accredited Assessment Centers (AACs) and Authorized Assessment Sites (AASs) watch and distribute the Assessment Platform Training Series and the printable "How To" Documents and Resources.

Steps must be taken in the on-boarding process to begin using the assessment platform.  

  1. Ensure all AASs are appropriate registered in the Registry System - "How To" Register an Assessment Site
  2. Ensure that all certified assessment personnel are associated with the appropriate AAS(s) in the Registry System. "How To" Assign People to an AAS  

IMPORTANT! Permissions to the Assessment Platform are automatically assigned based on the roles and associations setup in the Registry.  

The new assessment platform does not require an AAC/AAS to order or keep inventory for testing.  AACs/AASs are able to begin using the assessment platform immediately (assign and administer assessments and practical exams, if applicable). Monthly invoices will be created based on the number of tests taken.  

NCCER highly recommends that AACs/AASs save or bookmark the assessment platform login screens.  Below are the links for both the assessment personnel (user) and the test taker: