NCCER has made a "Sample" Assessment available in the NCCER Assessment Platform.  This "Sample" assessment is FREE and can be used:

  • As part of Assessment Proctor training to train proctors on the appropriate way to conduct an assessment session.  The assessment administrator conducting the training an fill the role of proctor and example how an assessment session should be conducted. The "sample" assessment can be assigned to proctor candidates in training so that they can see and understand what assessment candidates will experience.
  • As a tool for assessment candidates to experience the online assessment process, allowing them to understand the technology and navigation of the assessment platform.  This use of the "sample" assessment also allows candidates to take away additional anxiety over the testing technology and just be prepared to take the assessment.

The "Sample" Assessment is accessed and assigned the same as any journey-level assessment. For steps in assigning an assessment, see - Assigning Assessments & Practical Exams.