How to Purchase and Allocate Tests in the NCCER Shop


Organizations have two distinct options for using and paying for tests in the NCCER Testing System. The first option is to buy tests by volume in advance before testing – tests purchased through this option receive a volume-based discount beginning at 500 tests. The second option is to assign and use tests as needed, and then receive an invoice at the end of the month for completed (used) tests. 

    1.    Go to the NCCER Shop website:

    2.    Click “My Profile” at the top of the page. 

    3.    If you have an existing account, enter your email and password to access your account. 

                a.    If you do not know your password, select the “Forgot your password?” link underneath the login fields to receive a password reset email. 

                b.    If you do not have an existing account, select the “Not a member?” link underneath the login fields to create one. 

    4.    Click the TEST PURCHASE tab at the top of the page. 

    5.    Select the Craft Tests icon to order Craft module tests OR the Pipeline Tests icon to order Pipeline OQ module tests.

               a.    Price breaks are available when tests are purchased in volume (discounts shown at checkout):


                            500+ = 5% discount

                            1,000+ = 7% discount 

                            3,000+ = 10% discount 

                            5,000+ = 12% discount 

                            7,000+ = 15% discount 

                            10,000+ = 20% discount 

                            20,000+ = 25% discount 

                            30,000+ = 30% discount 

                            50,000+ = 35% discount 

                            100,000+ = 40% discount 

                            150,000+ = 50% discount 



                b.    Click “Add to Order.” 

Note: Discounts will be shown when reviewing order summary at checkout. 

    6.        Add the test quantities to the necessary organization(s). Make sure you have allotted the total number of tests you would like to buy. 


                a.    If you do not see your organization(s) listed, select “Open Account Search” and look them up using the legal name listed in the NCCER Registry System. 

                b.    Please note: After you purchase tests and allocate them to an organization, they will always be shown in your organization listing. 

                c.    If you look up an organization and do not purchase tests, it will not be shown in your organization list and you will have to look it up again. 

                d.    You can allocate any quantity of tests to any number organizations you like. 


    7.        Click the “Continue to Checkout” button to add the tests to your cart. 


                a.    You will be redirected to the test catalog page where you may continue shopping or complete your purchase. 

                b.    To complete your purchase or review your order, click the cart icon. 

                c.    Select either the “View Cart” button or “Complete Purchase” button. 

                d.    Your cart will automatically reflect any available discounts for tests. 

Please note: 

A Sponsor Representative should select “Bill To: Sponsor” in the NCCER Testing System if they would like to control purchasing and allotting tests for all associated testing locations. 

A Sponsor Representative should select “Bill To: Testing Location” in the NCCER Testing System if they would prefer associated testing locations to control purchasing tests for themselves.