The NCCER Testing System has a security measure that automatically exits a test in session when a test taker attempts to click outside of the test.  When a test taker attempts to view or open a different browser, tab, screen or icon outside the active test parameters, a pop-up notification will display, reading: “The assessment has been paused due to an attempt to navigate to another window or tab.  Please contact your proctor or administrator to resume your assessment.” The test taker will be logged out of the test while the test timer continues.  The proctor will need to reauthorize the test session.  

Proctors are able to view a detailed report by clicking on the “Show the Detailed Session History button.  


Note:  A test taker has no reason to click off screen once a test has been initiated.  It is NCCER’s intent that a test be completed once initiated, without interruption.

The details will display the reason for removal for each incident.  Please see the example below.