NCCER recommends for all new Sponsor Representatives to complete the checklist (cover page) as they review the accompanying NCCER Sponsor Representative Responsibilities Guide.

The following guide serves as a reference material for individuals new to the Sponsor Representative role. After reviewing this resource, you should have a better understanding of your responsibilities as a Sponsor Representative and be prepared to develop an internal policy that documents your procedure and process for fulfilling these responsibilities. Please note that a finalized copy of your internal policy will be requested during all on-site audits, so please be sure to have this in a secure and accessible location.

Sections of the guide include links to support articles and instructional resources. Please click these links to access step-by-step instructions on how to complete the relative action or process. Some items are also supported by theĀ NCCER Accreditation Guidelines, which you will find the respective section name listed in the guide. You will need to access the Accreditation Guidelines and navigate to the named section using the Contents page for more information on the listed item.

Please review the guide below and contact NCCER Customer Support by email at or phone at 1-888-622-3720 if you have any questions.

Please download the guide by clicking the file below if you have any trouble viewing the document embedded above.

NCCER Sponsor Representative Responsibility Guide