NCCER’s Mobile Crane Operator Certification is based on demonstrated competency in knowledge and skill. While this knowledge and skill may be obtained through any reputable training program, completion of training is not a requirement of Mobile Crane Operator certification by NCCER.

Since completion of training is not a requirement of certification, NCCER makes no claim, implication, or statement that certification would be simpler, easier, or less expensive with the use of any specified education or training service.

NCCER offers training in Mobile Crane Operation through Accredited Training Centers. While this training is not a requirement of certification by NCCER, it represents a potential threat to impartiality of the certification. This potential threat is documented and analyzed within an Impartiality Threat Assessment.

The AACs that provide the written assessment and practical examination for Mobile Crane Operator certification operate under a separate guidance document than that of the Accredited Training Sponsors, and are audited as separate bodies. Measures are in place to ensure confidentiality, information security, and impartiality, and are documented in the AAC Guidelines.

In order to avoid conflict of interest, the Subject Matter Experts involved in the development of the mobile crane curriculum shall be different from the Subject Matter Experts involved in the development of the mobile crane assessments.

It is not the policy of NCCER to give the impression in any way that the use of training services would provide any advantage to the applicant for certification. Applicants for certification as Mobile Crane Operators are free to use any available training or education, or none at all. Training is not a prerequisite for certification by NCCER.

If a proctor or performance examiner also serves as a trainer for the NCCER Mobile Crane curriculum under an Accredited Training Sponsor, that person may not perform any written assessment or practical examination for a candidate whom they trained. NCCER Accreditation Guidelines specifically prohibit coordinators and proctors from administering written assessments to applicants whom they have trained.

NCCER has a policy in place to avoid conflict of interest and maintain the integrity of the program which states Certified Practical Examiners must not train the same operators who they assess or examine and assessment proctors must not be involved in the training of personnel being assessed. This is explicitly stated in the NCCER Mobile Crane Operator Certification Program Procedure Manual.