NCCER’s Testing System saves you 87 percent in time and program management cost. This online system maximizes instructor effectiveness and reduces paperwork.

All Candidate and Accredited Training Sponsor (ATS) organizations are eligible to take advantage of the following benefits of the NCCER Testing System:

  • Automatic scoring and submission to NCCER’s Registry System.
  • Web-based platform operates and conforms to all major browsers and devices.
  • Proctor station allows tests to be administered to multiple test takers.
  • Electronic record storage reduces paperwork review by auditors.
  • Score Reports have been updated so that Instructors can now search by several criteria and see reports for their test takers only. 

  • Craft Training Prescriptions allow test takers to identify which sections of curriculum to remediate before their next retake. Instructors will know which areas to focus on during remedial training and how to help students gain competency by reviewing module sections of topics previously missed.

NCCER's old way of craft testing required certified Instructors to generate, administer, score, and then submit module test completions in the Registry System. This way required the instructor to spend much of their time following testing procedures and less time focused on training.

NCCER's Testing System allows for these processes to be conducted electronically while also eliminating the need for the physical storage of paper-based tests. Certified Instructors and Performance Evaluators can also enter completed Performance Profiles directly into the Testing System. All results are automatically submitted to the NCCER Registry System and recorded in the test taker's Registry profile. This streamlines the testing process and allows instructors to spend more time teaching and training!

How to View or Print Score Reports and Training Prescriptions

Please access additional resources and step-by-step instructional guides on how to take advantage of the NCCER Testing System and its numerous benefits here.

Please contact the NCCER Customer Support and Testing Department if you have any questions about using the Testing System.