Material Update Schedule

NCCER makes periodic updates to the Instructor Certification Training Program (ICTP) and Administrator Certification Training Program (ACTP) modules on an as-needed basis. These modules comprise the ICTP and ACTP training materials found below.

ICTP Training Materials
  • Master Trainer’s Guide
  • Craft Instructor’s Guide
  • Performance Evaluator’s Guide
  • Curriculum Proctor's Guide
ACTP Training Materials
  • Assessment Proctor’s Guide

Publication of New Editions

Please note that updates do not always result in the publication of a new edition. NCCER will provide official notice to the network if significant annual updates have caused the publication of a new edition.


Required Practices

NCCER policy requires Master Trainers and Assessment Administrators to conduct the ICTP or ACTP using class training materials of the same edition/year. Additionally, all class attendees must have materials of the same edition/year. Certified ICTP and ACTP personnel are strongly recommended to keep these required practices in mind when ordering materials.

2021 Updates

  • Assessment Administrator's Guide removed and no longer used as the training material for the Administrator Certification Training Program.
  • The Accredited Assessment Center (AAC) Guidelines is the new training material used by attendees of the ACTP class.
  • Core Curriculum Trainee Guide was removed from all ICTP Training Materials and replaced with a digital access code.

2020 Updates

  • References to Prov and the Arkiv system removed from all ACTP materials and replaced with the new NCCER Assessment Platform.
  • Retest policy updated in all ACTP materials.
  • Assessment Coordinator certification role removed; Assessment Proctor certification updated to assume additional responsibilities in the NCCER Assessment Platform.
  • Maintenance requirements for the Curriculum Proctor certification removed; certification no longer expires.

2019 Updates

  • Core Curriculum Trainee Guide was added back to the Master Trainer Kits and Craft Instructor Kits.

2018 Updates

  • ICTP modules were updated in 10/2018 to reflect the launch of the Testing System and new Pipeline Program. The 2018 Edition of the ICTP Training Materials have been added to the website.
  • Core Curriculum Trainee Guide was removed from Master Trainer Kits and Craft Instructor Kits.
  • USB Flash Drives removed from ACTP Kits and Master Trainer Kits. These files are now sent via email when materials are ordered and fulfilled.

Where to Order Updated Training Materials

Please visit to order current NCCER materials. NCCER will not accept submission of the paper order form beginning October 1st, 2018. Please visit the Pearson Bookstore to purchase craft training curriculum.