Did You Know that you have credential printing options?


What Does This Mean?

Accredited organizations have two options when receiving printed credentials.

  1. Receive the full set of credentials which includes the wallet card, certificate, and congratulatory letter.


  1. Receive the wallet card only (recommended). Choosing this option means wallet cards will be mailed with the yellow Batch Report when level completions are earned and instructor certifications are granted. In comparison, this option may reduce credential handling times and ease distribution to your network once received.

If you would like to change the way in which you receive NCCER credentials for training level completions and instructor certifications, then please contact NCCER at support@nccer.org or via phone at 888-622-3720.

Please note that these changes (option 1 or 2) will automatically apply to ALL training and assessment locations under your sponsorship (TU/ATU/ATEF/AAS).