Alternate ID for Pipeline Users

While all users of the registry system have the option to select an alternate ID of their choosing, pipeline operators that need their passed OQ results to show in ISNetworld MUST select and enter their SSN as their Alternate ID. Selection of the SSN as the alternate ID is the ONLY way successfully completed covered task (CT) results recorded in the registry system will migrate to ISNetworld. Often, if CT results are missing from ISNetworld, the cause is because the pipeline operator has their Alternate ID set to something other than their SSN. This can potentially lead to an individual having multiple records and NCCER card numbers.

In addition, the most common issue with Alternate ID usage by pipeline operators is:

  1. Failure of migration of covered task results from the registry system to ISNetworld because the SSN was not used.

Please access more information on How to Ensure Credentials Record in the Registry System here: .