Steps to Using Alternate IDs

With the rollout of the new Registry System, NCCER has made it possible for users to change their social security numbers (SSN) to an Alternate ID that will be easiest for them to remember. In the past, users were entered in the Automated National Registry (ANR) only using social security numbers (SSN) or system generated numbers (SGN) assigned by NCCER. Other than using the SSN, NCCER highly recommends using a permanent type of Alternate ID, such as one’s federal or state-issued license number, school identification number, passport and many more.

Remember! It is important that both the Alternate ID (used in creating the new user) and the generated NCCER card number be shared with the end user (student/trainee) so that they can access their records and change it as they prefer.  

  • Alternate IDs can also be used as an additional way for an individual to recover their card number if needed.

Potential Issues

The most common issues that arise because of inconsistent use of the same alternate ID are:

  1. Duplicate profiles creating duplicate card numbers for one user.
  2. Failure to generate credentials due to credit for completions and/or certifications being spread out between several profiles.

Best Practices for Avoiding Common Issues:

New Users

As users are registering their profile for the first time, the registry will require their SSN (or system generated number if applicable) to query the system for any existing NCCER records, to prevent duplicate accounts from being created. At the time of registration, the number is not stored or recorded.

Remind your end users that when activating their profile, the system requires an Alternate ID number. When selecting an Alternate ID in the NCCER Registry System, the most important factor for the user (student/trainee) to consider is how well they will be able to remember and maintain use of the chosen identification type and number on any future forms, tests or training submitted to NCCER.

Creating New Users in Form Submissions

Alternate ID types and numbers are also used when instructors, master trainers, performance evaluators or support roles create new users in the system while submitting a form (registration of training modules, class template, registration of curriculum certification, Performance Verification submission, etc.). The individual submitting the form should always use an alternate ID number that the end user will be familiar with.

More Information

Please contact the NCCER customer support team toll-free at 888-622-3720 if you have any questions about NCCER card numbers or Alternate IDs.

Please access more information on How to Ensure Pipeline Credentials Record in the Registry System here: .