Using Alternate IDs and NCCER Card Numbers

All users of the Registry System must select and save an Alternate ID after their New User Registration has been completed and their NCCER Card Number has been generated. While the use of an NCCER Card Number is the preferred type of identification on forms and submissions, the Alternate ID is used as an additional way for a candidate and any associated test or training results to be identified by NCCER systems or its partners.

When selecting an Alternate ID in the NCCER Registry System, the most important factor for a user to consider is how well they will be able to remember and maintain use of the chosen identification type and number on any future forms, tests, or training submitted to NCCER. Failure to consistently use the same Alternate ID can result in issues such as delayed mailing of credentials and the generation of duplicate NCCER Card Numbers.

NCCER commonly sees an issue with users setting their Alternate ID as one type and number, while then proceeding to submit a test or training using a different type and number. In this situation, the use of a different Alternate ID will generate a new NCCER Card Number. It is crucial for users to either use their NCCER Card Number or the same Alternate ID on all forms, tests, and training to prevent duplicate Card Numbers and related issues.

Alternate ID types can be alphanumeric and range from federal and state-issued licenses, school identification numbers, Social Security Numbers (SSN), plus many more. NCCER highly recommends using a permanent type of Alternate ID, rather than one that is subject to terms of employment or temporarily issued status.

Alternate IDs for Pipeline Users

While it remains true that all users of the Registry System have the option to select an Alternate ID of their choosing, pipeline operators that need their passed OQ results to show in ISNetworld must select and enter their SSN as their Alternate ID. Selection of the SSN as the Alternate ID is the only way passed Covered Task (CT) results will migrate to ISNetworld. Often, if results are missing from ISNetworld, the cause of missing CT results can be identified by the pipeline operator having their Alternate ID set to something other than their SSN.

More Information

Please contact the NCCER Customer Support team toll-free at 888-622-3720 if you have any questions about NCCER Card Numbers, Alternate IDs, or the required use of SSN for Pipeline Operators in the Registry System.