A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is a document signed and agreed upon by two separate organizations or companies, such as an Accredited Training Sponsor organization and training location (TU, ATU, ATEF). The document should state the mutual goals of improving the level of professionalism within the construction industry in areas of training, safety, and certification through the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) training process and Registry. This article contains a Sample MOU document attached - use of this document is not required. The two organizations entering into an agreement may create their own original document, or they may use the Sample MOU document as a template.

The Sample MOU (DOCX) document states the roles and obligations of the ATS organization including what they are responsible for providing to the training location to maintain successful achievement of mutual goals. The training location also agrees to uphold all maintenance requirements and completion of proper practices and standards.

Both organizations may state additional conditions to the memorandum document, which must be explicitly stated in a language understood by all parties. Both organizations are required to provide advance notification if any condition or responsibility stated in the agreement cannot be met, or if the agreement should be dissolved.

Please see the attached Sample MOU (DOCX). If using the attached sample document, please be sure to change each highlighted instance of "Company Name" to match the respective organization or party member in the agreement.