A Practical Examiner is an individual certified to deliver practical examinations for the NCCER gold card certification programs: Signal Person, three levels of Rigging, Mobile Crane Operators, and/or Tower Crane Operators. Endorsed Accredited Assessment Centers are able to deliver the certification programs (assessments and practical examinations) to their employees/membership using their own equipment, as personnel is available and time permits. 


The following steps must be completed to attend training and earn the Practical Examiner certification; blue links will open a new page with additional information.



  1. You must be connected with an Endorsed Accredited  Assessment Center (How to Apply for Endorsement) and have the approval of your Primary Administrator.
  2. You must meet the requirements for the Practical Examiner type (linked below) including passing the appropriate assessment(s).
  3. Complete training to be an NCCER certified Master Trainer, Craft Instructor, or Performance Evaluator.
  4. If your organization is in the process of applying for endorsement, contact NCCER for further guidance.


Submit qualifications 

  1. Submit your Practical Examiner Verification of Qualifications in the Registry system.
    • Attach resume and any other supporting documentation showing experience and/or training specific to the certification type       (Rigger/Signal Person, Mobile Crane, Tower Crane)
    • Select your Endorsed Accredited Assessment Center (if your organization is not listed contact NCCER).
    • A separate Verification of Qualifications must be submitted for each Practical Examiner Type with certification specific documentation.
  2. Your Primary Administrator will review and Approve Practical Examiner Verification of Qualifications to ensure that requirements are met and all supporting documentation is included.
    • If prerequisites are not met your Primary Administrator may hold your submission until they have been met, return it to you for additional information, or they can decline it. 
  3. NCCER will review and approve your Practical Examiner Verification of Qualifications to ensure that all pre-requisites are met.
    • If prerequisites are not met NCCER will contact your Primary Administrator to determine next steps.


Register for class and view webinar

  1. Once NCCER has approved your Verification of Qualifications, you will receive a notification in your Registry Message Center with a link to Register for Practical Examiner Training.
  2. Complete the online registration form and pay the $695 per class registration fee.
  3. Your Primary Administrator must Approve the Class Registration.
  4. NCCER will approve your class Registration within 48 hours of receipt and send out a confirmation with class details to your Registry Message Center and the email address listed on your profile.
  5. Once the confirmation email has been sent both the Practical Examiner candidate and Primary Administrator must view an online webinar.

View Practical Examiner Webinar (Administrator)

  1. Log into the Registry as the Primary Administrator and click the ‘My Organization’ icon.
  2. Select the ‘My Work Items’ tab and choose ‘Practical Examiner Verification of Qualifications’ from the drop-down.
  3. Under ‘Application Status’ select ‘Approved’ and click search.
  4. The far right column will have a link to ‘View Webinar’. Click the link and download the slides.


View Practical Examiner Webinar (Candidate)

  1. Candidate should log into the Registry and select the ‘My Profile’ icon.
  2. Select the 'My Applications' tab then choose 'My Practical Examiner Verification of Qualifications' from the drop down.
  3. The far right column will have a link to ‘View Webinar’. Click the link and download the slides.


Attend training

  1. Attend Practical Examiner training.
    • One day of training for each Practical Examiner type (Rigger/Signal Person, Mobile Crane, Tower Crane).
    • Classes are held quarterly; see myNCCER for the next scheduled class.
  2. Class completions will be processed by NCCER within one week of completing training.


Please call NCCER Customer Support at 386-518-6500 or email at support@nccer.org if you have any questions.