AAC Primary Administrator Role 

NCCER requires individuals designated as the Primary Administrator for their organization to actively hold a Master Trainer and Assessment Administrator certification. To maintain role eligibility, Primary Administrators must keep both of these certifications active and recertify before the current expiration date for each individual certification. Failure to maintain current certification may result in the suspension of an organization’s assessment program until a currently certified Primary Administrator is appointed. The Primary Administrator is responsible for regularly checking their certifications in the Registry System to prevent expiration.

Assessment Administrator Certification:

To maintain role eligibility and not expire, the Primary Administrator must successfully complete and pass the online, Administrator Recertification test. The Primary Administrator can refer to the AAC Guidelines during the test. Once the Primary Administrator has successfully passed the Administrator Recertification test with a score of 70 or higher, the Registry System will automatically extend the expiration date for the Assessment Administrator certification by 3 years.

Master Trainer Certification:

The Primary Administrator must also successfully teach or co-teach and certify an individual using the NCCER Instructor Certification Training Program (ICTP) modules. If the Primary Administrator is co-teaching, the requirement is that the Primary Administrator must have taught at least one ICTP module during the training; so long as enough modules have been taught by all participants to complete a full ICTP certification. Once the ICTP training has been conducted, the Primary Administrator will proceed with submitting the completed Registration of Curriculum/Assessment Certifications to have the certification entered into the NCCER Registry System. After the Registration has been processed in the Registry System, the Primary Administrator’s Master Trainer certification expiration date will be automatically extended by 3 years.

In most cases, the Primary Administrator will elect to teach and certify an individual using the Performance Evaluator Certification Program, as this is the only certification that uses the ICTP modules and is relative to an Assessment Program’s operations. In this situation, the Primary Administrator would conduct the Performance Evaluator Training Program and then submit the Registration of Assessment Certifications to certify the individual as an Assessment Performance Evaluator.

What happens if one or both of these certifications have already expired?

If you are the Primary Administrator, then NCCER will have contacted you at least 30 days in advance using the telephone number and email address saved in your Registry profile. If your certifications have already expired, then you will need to attend the Master Trainer and/or Assessment Administrator Certification Training Program classes again. 

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