AAC Primary Administrator


NCCER requires current Primary Administrators to maintain the 2 certifications listed in the role’s eligibility requirements at least once every 3 years. The 2 certifications include the Master Trainer and Assessment Administrator certifications. To maintain role eligibility, Primary Administrators must recertify before the current expiration date for each individual certification. Failure to fulfill the eligibility requirement to maintain current certification may result in suspension of the organization’s assessment program until a current Primary Administrator is appointed to fulfill the eligibility requirements.

To maintain role eligibility and not expire, the Primary Administrator must successfully complete and pass the online, open-book Administrator Recertification exam. The completion of the Administrator Recertification exam will automatically extend the expiration date for the Primary Administrator’s Assessment Administrator certification by 3 years.

The Primary Administrator must also successfully teach or co-teach and certify an individual using the NCCER Instructor Certification Training Program (ICTP) modules. If the Primary Administrator is co-teaching, the requirement is that the Primary Administrator must have taught at least one ICTP module during the training; so long as enough modules have been taught by all participants to complete a full ICTP certification. Once the ICTP training has been conducted, the Primary Administrator will proceed with submitting the completed Registration of Curriculum/Assessment Certifications to have the certification entered into the NCCER Registry System. After the Registration has been processed in the Registry System, the Primary Administrator’s Master Trainer certification expiration date will be automatically extended by 3 years.

In most cases, the Primary Administrator will elect to teach and certify an individual using the Performance Evaluator Certification Program, as this is the only certification that uses the ICTP modules and is relative to an Assessment Program’s operations.

Section 3.3.1 Eligibility Requirements of the Accredited Assessment Center (AAC) Guidelines & NCACP Procedures states that a current Primary Administrator must comply with the following requirements to maintain the personnel role:

  1. “Must be a certified Master Trainer with current credentials.
  2. Must be a certified Assessment Administrator with current credentials.
  3. Act as a Primary Administrator for only one Accredited Assessment Center at a time.”

Section 3.3.5 Maintaining Administrator Certification of the Accredited Assessment Center (AAC) Guidelines & NCACP Procedures states that a certified Assessment Administrator must comply with the following requirements to maintain certification:

  1. “All Administrators are certified for 3 years after completing the Administrator Certification Training Program (ACTP).
  2. In order to maintain certification, the administrator must comply with both of the following:
    • Be approved by the Primary Administrator
      Successfully pass the Administrator Recertification exam before their expiration date.
      • Ordered at no charge through the Arkiv system.
      • Open-book exam.”


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