When completing the Registration of Curriculum / Assessment Certifications in the Registry System to certify a Craft Instructor or Performance Evaluator, the Master Trainer is required to associate the certification with the appropriate Curriculum. The passages copied from the Accredited Training Sponsor (ATS) Guidelines below detail the specific level of experience or documentation required to make an individual eligible for certification. These requirements also give reference to how experience or documentation can be evaluated for eligibility qualifications.

For example, an Instructor or Performance Evaluator being certified to instruct or evaluate for the Carpentry curriculum can have their experience or documentation compared with what NCCER qualifies as journey-level knowledge. NCCER outlines what qualifies journey-level knowledge for the Carpentry curriculum in the Level 1-4 Training Competencies/Objective Lists and the Carpentry Assessment Specifications Sheets. A Master Trainer would take the Instructor or Performance Evaluator’s resume or experience documentation and compare it with the objectives and competencies listed. If the resume or experience documentation meets the objectives and competencies listed, then the Instructor or Performance Evaluator meets the journey-level of knowledge for the curriculum.

Section 3.4.1 Eligibility Requirements of the Accredited Training Sponsor (ATS) Guidelines states that an individual must have the following eligibility requirements completed to be an NCCER certified Instructor:

  1. "Be approved by an ATS Sponsor Representative to be certified as an instructor.
  2. Experience at a minimum journey- or technician-level (at least 4 years) in their area of expertise OR
    A minimum of 3 years’ experience as a certified teacher in a vocational/technical construction or maintenance-related training program.
  3. Documentation of an instructor’s qualifications must be reviewed and approved by the Sponsor Representative or other qualified personnel, and kept on file by using one of the following methods:
  • A diploma from an acceptable secondary or post-secondary institution in the field(s) to be taught/evaluated OR
  • A resume documenting actual experience in the curriculum title(s) or specific module(s) the individual intends to teach OR
  • Documented evidence of successful completion of the National Craft Assessment Certification Program (NCACP) assessment in the appropriate field(s) OR
  • Relevant certification by a State Department of Education."

Section 3.4.2 Certification for Multiple Curriculum Titles or Craft Areas of the Accredited Training Sponsor (ATS) Guidelines states that “The Sponsor Representative must ensure the Instructor has the proper qualifications for all craft areas they are certified to teach. Documentation of all qualifications must be kept per the eligibility requirements listed above. Documentation of all qualifications must be readily available for audit purposes and to submit to NCCER upon request.”

Training Competency/Objective Lists and Assessment Specification Sheets: