If organization A decides to acquire and merge with organization B, then either organization may elect to be a primary account (ATS/AAC) while the other becomes a sub-account (TU/AAS). The decision to elect which organization becomes the primary account should be concluded by leadership staff at each organization. Once a decision has been made, the NCCER Accreditation Department should be contacted to initiate the conversion process.

The NCCER Registry System is not able to merge the accreditation for two different organizations. The only way NCCER can combine two primary account organizations is by having one terminate its accreditation and then submit a registration request to become a sub-account under the other organization’s primary account.

In other words, if organization B no longer wishes to be an independently accredited organization, then they can request termination for their primary account and submit a new Registration of TU/AAS. Once approved, this will allow organization B to go under the accreditation of organization A as a sub-account. Organization B will be able to conduct all normal training and/or assessment program activities, the only difference being that it will now be completed under the administrative oversight and review of organization A.

How to Submit Registration of a Training Unit (TU):


How to Submit Registration of an Authorize Assessment Site (AAS):