Current fees and costs for NCCER accredited programs.


Organization   TypeNCCER Program Costs
ATS or AACSingle Application - Training Sponsor (ATS) OR Assessment Center (AAC)$3,995.00
ATS and AACDual Application - Training Sponsor (ATS) AND Assessment Center (AAC)
Applications are submitted and processed separately
AAC only
Endorsement Application - Mobile Crane, Rigger/Signal Person, or Tower Crane
(Price is per endorsement type)
ATS or AACAnnual Maintenance Fee - Single (ATS OR AAC) $490.00
ATS and AACAnnual Maintenance Fee - Dual (ATS AND AAC)$600.00
Training   Classes*travel costs not included 
ATS or AACMaster Trainer Instructor Certification Training Program (MTICTP) $750.00
AAC onlyAssessment Administrator Certification Training Program (ACTP) $365.00
Endorsed onlyMobile Crane Practical Examiner (MCPE) $695.00
Endorsed onlyRigger/Signal Practical Examiner (RSPE) $695.00
Endorsed onlyTower Crane Practical Examiner (TCPE) $695.00
Program   Materials**additional shipping charges apply 
ATS or AACMaster Trainer Kit $130.00
ATS onlyCraft Instructor Kit $75.00
ATS onlyAccredited Training Sponsor (ATS) Guidelines $19.00
ATS onlyCurriculum Proctor Manual $9.00
ATS or AACPerformance Evaluator Guide $29.00
AAC onlyAdministrator Certification Training Program Kit $50.00
AAC onlyAssessment Coordinator Training Guide $30.00
AAC onlyAssessment Proctor Training Guide $24.00
AAC onlyNational Craft Assessment and Certification Program (NCACP) Procedure Manual $14.00
ATS and AACAccreditation Guidelines (Contains ATS Guidelines & NCACP Procedure Manual)$19.00
ATS onlyTesting System User Manual$13.00
TextbooksPearson  Online Bookstore***
TextbooksConstruction Workforce Development Professional and Mentorship Curriculum (Instructor and Trainee Guides)***
ATS onlyTesting System Pricing - Contact your Sponsor Representative***
AAC onlyAssessment pricing - Contact your Primary Administrator***
AAC onlyPerformance Verification pricing  - Contact your Primary Administrator***
Endorsed AAC   onlyWritten and Practical Exam pricing  - Contact your Primary   Administrator***
PUBLICRigging Kit $3,195.00