Organizations have two distinct options for using and paying for tests in the Testing System:

  1. The first option is to buy a bulk package of tests in advance before testing. A balance of available (unused) tests is sent to the organization at the end of each month. You may place an order to increase your balance of available tests at any time. Once your balance reaches zero, you may place an order to purchase more tests, or you can allow the system to automatically default to the second option. Please note that a scaled discount is applied to each package of 500 tests or more purchased in advance.

  2. The second option is to assign and use tests as needed, and then receive an invoice at the end of the month for completed (used) tests. This is the default option that is automatically selected if you do not designate how you will be purchasing tests in advance.

PO numbers can only be used through for test packages of 100 or more tests.

Recommended Practice: Please access the Billing Report function to generate a spreadsheet containing every test completed during a specified date range. This feature will allow you to accurately balance and track the tests completed during the month. How to Generate a Billing Report 

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