A user that has been assigned the MANAGE TESTS permission may access the following sections in the NCCER Testing System:

  • Test Assignment
  • Performance Profiles

Test Assignment allows users to create new test assignments and edit/delete existing assignments.* Creating a new Test Assignment simply generates a new test that is then made available to add Test-Takers to. Once a Test-Taker is added, the test shows up in their Available Test List and can be started anytime the Proctor authorizes it. Please refer to the How To Assign Tests document for a step-by-step guide.

        *Note: The ability to delete an assignment is only available if there are no Test-Takers assigned to the test.

Performance Profiles allows users to submit Performance Profile completions for Test-Takers. The user will search/add each Test-Taker, select the Performance Profile title, designate a valid Performance Evaluator as well as the date of completion. All fields are mandatory for submissions to be accepted. The system will validate that the Performance Evaluator has a current credential before it will allow the form to be submitted. Performance Profile sheets are still downloaded from our website, but are submitted through the NCCER Testing System. Please refer to the How To submit a Performance Profile document for a step-by-step guide to submitting Performance Profiles.

  • The Performance Evaluator list is populated by having the Performance Evaluator role in the Registry AND having been assigned at least ONE permission in the NCCER Testing System (Refer to the How To Assign and Manage User Permissions article).