Instructors can obtain Performance Profile Sheets in two places:

  1. NCCER Website (
  2. Pearson's Instructor Resource Center

NCCER Website

  • From our homepage, hover your mouse over the Workforce Development Program Resources menu and then select Craft/Titles.
  • Select the appropriate Craft.
  • Select the appropriate Title / Discipline.
  • Scroll down to the section titled Course Planning Tools.
  • Select Performance Profiles.
  • Select the appropriate Level. This will open a downloadable PDF document. 
  • Print the PDF for use.

Pearson's Instructor Resource Center

  • Navigate to the Pearson Instructor Resource Center (IRC) and log in to access Performance Profile Sheets. 
  • All questions about this portal and how to utilize it should be directed to the user's Pearson Executive Director. The contact information for the Pearson Executive Director of your region can be found on the inside cover of the current NCCER Catalog, under "Contact Your Pearson Representative."

Important Note:

Record Keeping Requirements: Performance Profiles must be kept for a minimum of 3 years from the date of submission (or after the 3-year Reaccreditation Audit, whichever is the latest). Scanned copies of the Performance Profiles may be kept as official record in lieu of physical copies.