Organizations must apply for training sponsor accreditation to administer craft module tests and submit performance profiles. Please access step-by-step instructions on how to apply as an Accredited Training Sponsor (ATS) by reviewing the how-to guide below. Please contact NCCER at 888-622-3720 or before you start the application process to receive more information from our Workforce Development team on how to best proceed with using the training program.

To guard the integrity and security of tests and the confidentiality of results, NCCER requires the following to be provided by all ATS applicants at the time of application unless otherwise communicated by NCCER:

  • Credit Application - Download the form utilizing the link provided below, complete the credit application with all applicable details and upload the completed document on the Upload Documents tab. Requested credit amount is not a required field. NCCER Application for Credit.pdf

  • Letter of Recommendation - Upload three (3) recent letters of recommendation from clients and/or users, including complete signatory contact information (must be on letterhead), attesting to the performance and reputation of your organization. You may combine the three (3) letters into one PDF document, or you may upload them separately.

  • Organizational Chart - Listing names and titles - must include the Sponsor Representative and where they fall within the organization (i.e. show direct reports and/or supervisors).

  • Proof of Business - Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate of LLC, Business License or Company By-Laws. The organization name entered on your application must match the name on your proof of business documentation (unless otherwise allowed by NCCER.

  • State Accreditation documentation - For all educational institutions that apply for accreditation.

  • Signed Testing System Agreement - The agreement and instructions can be found immediately below. Use "other" document type to upload. This signed agreement must be on company letterhead and signed by the ATS Sponsor Representative, dated, and state the following with your organization name replacing 'ATS Applicant' where it appears within the text:

Agreement Template: 
In order to maintain the integrity of NCCER credentials as well as the protection of NCCER intellectual property, upon being granted candidate status, ATS Applicant will exclusively utilize the NCCER Testing System for end of module testing.

As ATS Applicant begins our NCCER training program, we understand and will adhere to the following:

  • ATS Sponsor Representative must sign up and complete a webinar training on the NCCER Testing System
  • ATS Applicant will only utilize the Testing System when granted candidate status
  • ATS Applicant may not submit module completions through the Registry System. Anything submitted will be denied by the Registry Department, no exceptions.
  • To receive credit, module exams will have to be successfully completed again in the NCCER Testing System
  • NCCER paper module exams cannot be used as pre-tests/ practice tests
  • Module exams must be delivered in a proctored setting in accordance with NCCER Accredited Training Sponsor (ATS) Guidelines.

  NCCER will return your accreditation application if any of the above documents are missing.