If non-conformances are found during the audit, the auditor will communicate any and all non-conformances to the Sponsor Representative and/or Primary Administrator. Please note that ignorance of the requirements set forth in NCCER’s Accreditation Guidelines will not be accepted as justification for non-conformances.

The Sponsor Representative and/or Primary Administrator will commit to an action plan to clear the non-conformances. All non-conformances must be corrected to the satisfaction of NCCER.

The auditor’s findings will be submitted to NCCER for approval and path forward/resolution. The Audit Program Department will be allowed 30 days from the date of the audit for all audit reports to be submitted for review.

Once non-conformances are cleared and the audit is closed, the Sponsor Representative and/or Primary Administrator will be notified. They will also be presented with a letter of accreditation and certificate(s).