All organizations seeking accreditation as an NCCER Assessment Center must appoint an individual to fulfill the role of Primary Administrator.
  • The Primary Administrator will act as the primary liaison with NCCER and be responsible for the oversight of the NCCER National Craft Assessment and Certification Program.
  • In order to fulfill the role of Primary Administrator, the individual must maintain current NCCER Master Trainer and Administrator certifications.
  • an assessment inventory verification must be completed.


If at any time the Primary Administrator is no longer able to fulfill the responsibilities of the role, it is the responsibility of the Accredited Assessment Center (AAC) to ensure that a new Primary Administrator is put into place. In order to ensure there is no interruption in the administration of the AAC's assessment program, NCCER recommends that the AAC have at least 2 individuals with current master trainer and administrator certifications. This allows for someone to be equipped to offer support to the Primary Administrator and to able to fulfill the roles of Primary Administrator were the need to arise.

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