Review of question comments can only be performed by the Primary or Secondary Administrator. Checking the status of a candidate's question comment allows the Assessment Center to track and ultimately communicate the status of a candidate's comment.  The Arkiv Question Comment screen provides the candidate's comment as well as any review response to the comment.  The Assessment Center should track question comments and provide appropriate status updates to the candidate. 

For step-by-step instruction on completing this process, please click here.

Please allow 4-8 weeks to receive a response regarding your challenged item(s). Prov (developers of Arkiv) provides NCCER with a list once a month with items customers have challenged and were unable to resolve. Once Prov and NCCER review the item(s) Prov will contact the Assessment Center about the challenged item(s). Prov may contact customers prior to the 4-8 week period if they are able to find a resolution. If the assessment was taken at the end of the month NCCER may not receive the item until the following month.

NCCER will not review challenged items not submitted through the proper channels (i.e. Prov).