NCCER's curricula are typically revised every 3 to 5 years, depending on whether there are attached code revisions or major changes in industry practices.

The previous edition of a revised title expires 5 years after its revision is released. For example, since the 5th Edition of the Core Curriculum was published in 2015, the 4th edition will expire 5 years after that date in 2020. When a title has expired, it is no longer accepted in the Registry for credentialing. To view a current listing of publish/expiration dates for NCCER craft titles, download the file "craft- expirations 2021.pdf" attached to this article

The update procedures for NCCER curriculum are changing! The new NCCER curriculum format will be dateless, with a version on each module rather than an edition. As we transition to this new method, we will provide updates. The first NCCER training module to be released in this new era is 26501 Managing Electrical Hazards. It would have been 4th Edition, with the module number "26501-18", but instead you will see Version 4 on the copyright page.