The NCCER blue wallet card is given to a student when he or she completes Core Curriculum or any other full level of craft training through an Accredited Training Sponsor. A blue wallet card is also given to anyone who successfully completes an NCCER written assessment or Performance Verification. The card number located on the front of the card can be used to track and verify training and assessments in the NCCER Registry System.

The NCCER silver wallet card is given to individuals who have earned a Certified Plus credential.  To become Certified Plus, an individual must complete both the written assessment (Knowledge Verified) and performance (Performance Verified) components of NCCER's National Craft Assessment and Certification Program (NCACP).  If you are already Knowledge Verified or Performance Verified, then you've already completed one half of the certification process.

The NCCER gold wallet card if given to individuals who successfully complete NCCER Mobile Crane Operator, Rigger and/or Signal Person, or Tower Crane Certification Program.  In order to earn "Certified" through one of these programs, the individual must complete both the written assessment and practical exam components of these NCCER certification programs. 

The NCCER wallet card itself is not proof of training credentials or certifications.  All credentials should be verified by looking up an individual's record in NCCER's Registry System using their NCCER wallet card number.  Go to for verification of training credentials and/or certification.