*In order to maintain the integrity of its intellectual property, certifications and training credentials, NCCER does not offer study guides or practice tests. All concepts tested on NCCER assessments and module tests are covered in the NCCER curricula for the related craft area and can most effectively be studied by reviewing those training materials. NCCER certifications and/or training credentials are not designed to be used as the sole basis for selecting applicants for employment or retaining employees.

NCCER provides information sheets or “Specifications” for each available written assessment. With the exception of the NCCER Mobile Crane Operator, Tower Crane Operator, Rigger and Signal Person assessments, the Specifications show which curriculum modules (topic areas) are covered on the assessment and how many questions are associated with each topic area. They also indicate if any reference material is permitted during the assessment test, the time limit, the total number of questions, and the required passing (cut) score.

NCCER's assessment questions are referenced back to our curriculum. To determine which modules were used to create questions for the assessment, review the assessment specification sheet located on NCCER's website.
Written Assessment Specification Sheets are located on the NCCER website (Program Resources under each respective craft title)

NCCER textbooks and individual modules may be purchased via NCCER's publisher, Pearson Education.

Although NCCER's Mobile Crane Operator, Tower Crane Operator, Rigging and Signal Person assessments do not reference back to NCCER's curriculum, there are similar specification sheets that designate the competency areas contained in the assessments.