Only 2 Weeks left to Submit and Approve Paper Tests

As we complete our move to online testing, all paper tests must be submitted and approved by the Sponsor Representative by July 31.

We recommend that you submit what has been completed now. In addition, you can:

Create the submission form and save as you go. To find the saved form, look under "My Submissions" and then "Registration of Training Modules" and finally, search the "In Progress" status.

Use the auto-fill date feature. This feature lets you add dates for all modules at one time. The "Auto-Fill Dates" button is located at the top right of the form.

Review your submissions. Check both the "In Progress" and "Training Sponsor Returned to Instructor" options to ensure all of your submissions are completed and approved.

Are you ready for online testing?

Bring your questions to this Q&A webinar and get valuable resources to assist you in converting to online module testing. Allyson Butts, director of testing and credentialing, will be available to answer your questions.

Sponsor representatives, master trainers, instructors and proctors are invited to attend.

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