Credential shipping update-NCCER Credentials are being returned

Due to temporary office closures and/or office deliveries being refused, our shipments of NCCER credentials are being returned to our office. For this reason, we are stopping shipments of credentials until we are cleared to resume business as usual. If it is essential you receive your credentials, and you are able to receive UPS or USPS shipments, please follow the directions below:

1. Email

2. Use this subject line: Yes my organization is still open for business.

3. Include your name, company name and address information into the body of the email. (This should be the same information that is in the Registry.)

4. Include this statement in the body of your email: Yes, we are open and can receive mail from UPS and USPS.

5. If your organization has multiple training locations, and you would like their credentials temporarily sent to your location, please state that in the body of the email.

6. If the ATS or AAC organization is closed, but mail can be picked up from another secure location, the sponsor representative or primary administrator can include the new address information in the body of the email. Please include a statement allowing this temporary change. (DO NOT change any address information in the Registry.) We will manually divert mail to this new address temporarily.

Please DO NOT make any changes to the Credential Shipping Address information in the Registry.We are ONLY mailing credentials to the sponsor reps & primary admins who follow the instructions above.

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