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Assignment process re-design

With more of our NCCER Customers coming on to the Testing System, we have noticed the tremendous load that the assignment process puts on the database.

The time to load assignments and re-load assignments each time a user changes to a different module test has become a bottleneck.

NCCER has started a re-design of this process.

In the old process a user selects a new assignment for a module, with or without an instructor and then proceeds to add test takers to this assignment. 

Rather than using that same test assignment for new future test takers, users add more NEW assignments for the same test, which keeps adding pages of assignments to the process and bogs it down.

The new process will work a bit differently, where the assignment page will have only a favorites list of modules picked by the user. Each module can be on the list only once, reducing the number of pages considerably to 1 page with a scroll bar.

Each module will then contain the instructors and test takers within each of the modules, also on 1 single page.

Reducing the number of pages and having an assignment process within each module prevents users from creating the large numbers of pages that are currently bogging us down.

Further details will be communicated. 

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