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Pipeline Tests in Testing System

Is it possible to set the Testing System Test Assignments area to only allow the unique identifier assigned be the social security number? The thought would be that the system could see which test the proctor/instructor is in, and then would limit the various options for unique identifiers. We have had issues with test takers and/or proctors using a driver's license number or other number as the unique identifier.

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The Testing System does not actually store any SSN's or ID's for that matter. All of the Alternate ID values are populated by the Registry and there are probably over 60 ID's used in different situations.

School systems are not allowed to use SSN's, foreign customers do not have SSN's and many other institutions use state issued ID's, such as student ID's, DOC ID's etc.

While for the pipeline industry all testing requires an SSN, this is not necessary for most other sectors and not possible for foreigners and schools.

Many institutions use the assignment screen to assign tests to test takers, using other ID's than the SSN.

When a test taker does not exist in our Registry, the details for the test taker can be entered on a form and while this form defaults to the SSN, it may be changed to the needed ID type as necessary to create a new trainee.

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