Returned Mail and receiving credentials at the correct address


Training Sponsors and Primary Administrators,


The Registry Department is experiencing an unusual amount of returned mail. We believe there may be some confusion regarding the Address Information Sections in our system and we are hoping to fix the issue by providing the information below.


Each organization in our system has three address sections:

1. Business Physical Address:  The address where the business/company/organization is physically located.


2. Business Mailing Address:  The address where the US Postal Service delivers mail to your business/company/organization. 


a. This could be the same as your physical address, a PO Box, or a separate address where you have a mail receptacle.


3. Credential Shipping Address:  The address that will automatically be printed on the mailing label for your organization’s credentials. 


a. Since the majority of our credentials are sent by USPS, this should be sent to your business mailing address. 

b. If your organization has a P.O. Box, you MUST enter that information in this section. If the package is too large we will ship UPS using the business physical address. 


Please note: The addresses above may not be a home address.


To find this information:

· Locate the ‘Associated Organizations’ tab (TUs/ATUs/ATEFs, AASs)

· Click the radio buttons at the bottom of the organization profile ‘General’ tab

· Choose whether to send credentials directly to your location (ATS/AAC main address) or directly to the training or assessment facility (TU/ATU/ATEF/AAS). 

Please note: credentials are sent to the Representative listed in this section.


Please take a few moments to check the address information for your organization, as well as those listed under the ‘Associated Organizations’ tab; or, have your representatives check the address information for the training facilities under the ‘My Organization’ tab.  We want to ensure that you are receiving your credentials in a timely manner. 


Thank you!

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