Quickcheck feature is now available


NCCER is excited to welcome back the QuickCheck search feature to the Registry System. Allowing the user to search for an individual’s record with either their NCCER card number or Alternate ID number (i.e. SSN), credentials can be viewed faster than ever!


Locating QuickCheck 

1. Sign into the Registry System
2. Select Credentials icon
3. Select QuickCheck option

Utilizing QuickCheck

1. Enter the NCCER card number and click search OR
2. Select Alternate ID Type and enter the Alternate ID# with or without hyphens

For records containing an international alternate ID, select Alternate ID, the country, Alternate ID Type and enter the corresponding number.


Informational Tabs

Gold Card and Certified Plus Certifications: This tab displays an individual’s successful completion of the written assessment and hands-on performance/practical examination.  

Instructor/Assessment Certifications:
This tab displays restrictions for Craft Instructor and Performance Evaluator certifications. Click on the book icon to view curriculum and performance verification (PV) titles and for more information, click the arrows next to the curriculum title.  

Training Completions:
This tab displays completed modules at the top and those partially completed at the bottom of the page. When all testing is complete, full module credit will be displayed under the ‘Completed Modules’ section.  

Assessments and PVs:
This tab displays all attempts of an assessment along with completed PVs/PV tasks. Detailed information can be viewed by clicking the arrow to the left of the name.
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