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Sponsor suggestion regarding Form Title completion


As I work with Teachers/Instructors, I run across Registration of Training Modules that are submitted to me in which the Teachers have not filled in the “Form Title:” field at the top of the form, even though I have requested they fill in this field (In the Procedure Document I created and made available to them).


I noticed that this field does not have a red asterisk (*) next to it, meaning that it is a required field to complete. 


My recommendation is to make this a “required” field to be filled in, or at least give the individual creating the form a “warning statement”, when they try and submit the form to their Sponsor Representative, about not filling in that field.  Every Teacher I speak with about this who did not fill in that field, understands completely why they should fill in the field, unfortunately, after they have already submitted the form to me without filling in the field.  I believe it is important to fill in that field.  Please see an example below of what a Teacher did fill in.

Just my thoughts.





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